[Guide] How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Campaigns

The planning of Christmas campaigns should be established well in advance: Christmas is the most important time of the year for most companies, given that in this period the propensity to buy is highest.

To better plan our Christmas campaign we should start taking the first steps already in summer. In fact, all the annual marketing planning should be done to maximize the campaigns of the last months of the year.

The planning of Christmas campaigns

In fact, at the beginning of the year we should have already established:

  • the objectives and related indicators (KPI Key Performace Indicator)
  • the target audience (the people we target)
  • the strategy to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

Already in the first half of the year, we should prepare the ground to generate opportunities, in order to maximize sales at the moment of greatest demand.

But we cannot think that activating a Google shopping campaign just a few days before Black Friday can achieve great results without first planning other campaigns or preparatory actions for this great event.

Before planning Advertising campaigns we must work on:

  • mobile optimization
  • analysis of online user behavior
  • brand awareness and social caring

Activities that are necessary conditions for launching successful communication campaigns.

Upper funnel preparation campaigns

When people are on vacation and are not yet thinking about Black Friday, in the summer we can program the campaigns that Google calls Upper Funnel Campaigns , i.e. those we implement when consumers are still at the top of the purchase funnel .

The objectives of these campaigns are to generate traffic, leads and Brand awareness .

We try to spread contents capable of telling the brand and how close it is to the needs of the niche, we introduce the peculiarities of our products and services. We tell our target stories about our company, we generate curiosity, we adopt an empathic approach so that people are led to follow us and talk to us.

Preparation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

  • On Facebook and Instagram we launch campaigns with the aim of notoriety or consideration .
  • We segment audiences based on interests, demographics and behaviors and run A / B test campaigns to more accurately define the audience interested in our ads, we test creatives and formats to identify the most engaging ones.
  • We prefer video, slideshow and carousel formats .
  • We sponsor Stories on Instagram and use the Canvas format on Facebook to provide a full screen mobile experience .

Preparation campaigns on Google and Youtube

  • With AdWords we work on dynamic search ads campaigns to ensure complete coverage of queries. We work on search terms to add performing ones and exclude irrelevant keys.
  • We strengthen the mobile positioning by taking advantage of the adjustments of the particularly favorable offers and we prepare public lists to leverage already qualified users during the Christmas period.
  • We don’t forget to create text ads with eye-catching headlines and invitations. Finally, we prepare the display ads as recommended by Google .
  • With Youtube we aim for the highest number of views. In this phase in which we try to increase the consideration of the Brand we use surveys on the impact of the brand ( Google Brand Lift surveys ) allows us to measure the most important metrics to optimize the metrics of the campaign being published through surveys.

Christmas has arrived: it’s time to plan!

47% of consumers start thinking about Christmas gifts before November ( 2019 Nationl Trade Federation survey )

Choosing the right time to start an online advertising campaign is a success factor that cannot be underestimated.

In October, Google and Facebook publish their guides full of great tips and pointers to prepare campaigns for the Christmas season. In fact now is the time to maximize!

With “prep campaigns” we’ve pushed consumers further down the buying funnel, and it’s time to convert leads into customers.

Since October, the goals are conversion: selling online or bringing people to the store .

Tactics for lighthouse are different:

1Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • On Facebook and Instagram we launch campaigns with a conversion goal : conversions, sale of catalog products and visits to the store.
  • We use a custom audience for retargeting and an audience similar to those who have already converted.
  • We prefer video, slideshow and carousel formats . We use the new collection format to show catalog products in full screen and provide the best mobile experience .

​Google and YouTube campaigns

  • Work on Similar Audience segments to increase Search and Display reach to high-value customers. Activate Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns to reach those who have not yet purchased .
  • On Google Shopping, add eye-catching promotional messages such as “free shipping” and “discounts” with automatic extensions. Inspire consumers with showcase ads to deliver the best fullscreen mobile experience.
  • Push consumers into your store with location extensions and mobile bid adjustments , as on-the-go consumers are more likely to visit your store.
  • With YouTube, reach the undecided and convince them with your videos. Use Skippable formats to engage people.

Ready for the Christmas campaigns?

Programming and continuity in communication, together with perfect execution, are the keys to maximizing the results of Christmas campaigns.

For those who think of getting results at Christmas by opening a facebook page today and starting tomorrow to do advertising campaigns, I recommend starting immediately: at Christmas next year you can get great results, but by the end of 2020 we can only do the first steps in that direction.

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[Guide] How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Campaigns

The planning of Christmas campaigns should be established well in advance: Christmas is the most important time of the year for most companies, given...